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We have wide range of applications for our Drone Products.

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We deal in various industries like, Mining, Energy and Oil & Gas.

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About Us

At SAARVAM, we would design and manufacture tethered base stations for commercial drones. Our mission is to bring efficiency and productivity to the UAV market, but above all to respond to each of our clients’ needs.

Our innovative technology opens new fields of application for drones such as persistent aerial surveillance, continuous aerial broadcasting, firefighting, traffic monitoring & many more. SAARVAM will provides its customers with tethering stations tailored to their specific needs. Our expertise in tethered drones allows us to propose individual solutions, adapted to our customers’ expectations.

Applications in Railways

1. Disaster Management (integration with Accident Relief Trains)

2. Day and Night Surveillance (of workshops, yards, tracks)

3. Project Progress Monitoring,

4. Inspection of Railway Infrastructure (bridges, rooftops etc.),

5. Aerial Mapping and Survey

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